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Specialty Die Stones

Ivory Resin XH™

eti empire direct ivory resin xh

This X-tra Hard ivory colored resin stone was introduced as the “Ultimate Die Stone”. It combines the tough/smooth properties of our Resin Stones with the surface hardness of the strongest die materials available, without becoming brittle. This premium stone allows minimum expansion for extremely accurate dies. Excellent for precision implant cases and smaller preps, this “all purpose” die stone works well with any impression material–all without the need for hardeners or debubblizers! Also available in blue and tan.

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Colorburst® Blue Die Stone

colorburst blue die stone

This is the original vivid blue die stone. Easy to see margins and easy on the eyes. Very hard and accurate. Marble mix indicator shows when a homogenous mix has been made and material is ready to pour.

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Colorburst® Green Die Stone

colorburst green die stone

A vivid green die stone using the registered ETI Colorburst® System. A very smooth and accurate die stone. The powder appears white but bursts with color when mixed with water. Mix until homogeneous and pour.

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Prep-Stone™ Ivory

prep-stone ivory

A hard and accurate crown and bridge die stone ideally suited for the many all-ceramic and composite systems currently being used. This unique color allows you to see detail within the model and more closely resembles a range of prep shades.

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Greystone XH™ & Colorburst® Blue XH

greystone xh

Two super hard die stones in neutral grey and Colorburst® Blue. XH die stones have built-in debubblizers so no special washes or sprays are necessary. Rinse impressions, shake out excess water and pour.

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