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ISI-ZVAC Milling Dust Collector with Auto On/Off Function

Features & Benefits

Manufactured in the U.S.A., the Z Vacuum Milling Dust Collector is engineered for the safe and effective removal of particulates from dental milling processes. An external port allows connection to a dental milling machine for automated operation.

Equipped with a high efficiency submicron filter the unit can also be used to capture dust from zirconium and aluminum oxides, heavy duty stone, metal, plaster, and porcelain grinding. Includes one 6 ft. 3.5mm three contact audio cable, one spare filter and a vacuum hose adapter 2-1/2” to 36mm

    • Eternity Motors = no brush changes
    •  High Efficiency Submicron ClosedBag Filters
    •  Powerful, Compact and Quiet


    Frequency- 60 Hz

    Voltage- 120V

    Current- 7.8 Amps

    Power- 1.25 hp

    Vacuum- 88 in-H20 (21kPa)

    Air Flow- 104 cfn (2.9m3/min)

    Filter Efficiency- 97% @ 0.3-0.5um

    Noise- 64 dB

    Weight- 31 lbs

    Dimensions- 13”x11.75”x13.5” (34cm x 30cm x 35cm)

    Vacuum Port- Fits 2.5” Standard Vacuum Hose End

    Auto-Port- 3.5 mm three contact audio jack 24 V DC Signal Voltage 22 mA minimum signal current


    13”x11.75”x13.5” (34cm x 30cm x 35cm)

    Fits 2.5” Standard Vacuum Hose End


    Replacement Parts- High Efficiency Submicron Closed Bag Filters

    Accessories- Flexible Vacuum Hose (6ft. x 2 1⁄2”)


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