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TrueDent™ Resin for 3D Printing

Monolithic, Full-Color 3D Printed Dentures and Temporaries

TrueDent is an FDA cleared (Class II) resin developed for 3D printing of dentures and temporary crowns and bridges on the J5 DentaJet platform. It enables batch production of highly aesthetic, monolithic, multicolor dental appliances on a single mixed-part, high-capacity tray.

Monolithic Print
TrueDent dentures are a full-color, single continuous print of both denture base and teeth-no assembly required.

High Aesthetics
Proprietary PolyJet multi-material technology delivers natural looking gums and mimics tooth structure with optimal translucency. Print mixed batches of highly customized dentures and temporaries, matching patient demographic diversity on one tray.

Accurate Print from Design to Fit
A high-fidelity match between design and print ensures repeatable, consistent production of accurate well-fitting dentures. This means less chair time—a win-win for patients, dentists, and labs.

True Digital Workflow

Step up denture and temporary crown and bridge production on the J5 DentaJet. Streamline your workflow to produce large batches of mixed, multi-color dental appliances in a single, unattended print.

Say goodbye to bonding
Print a denture prosthesis in a single monolithic structure. Cut down processing time and increase accuracy and consistency.

Multi-color printing
Simultaneous printing of polychromatic parts simplifies production process, increases efficiency, and expands your service offering. No need to change materials between runs.

Streamlined color workflow
Shade selection is exported from 3Shape Dental System via 3MF file format to GrabCAD Print and assigned automatically to the printed part.

Automated tray planning
GrabCAD Print software automatically adds support material, orients parts, and optimizes tray capacity saving time in the pre-production  phase.

Software-enabled hardware
Software updates deliver improvements over time to the application’s aesthetics and production capabilities of the printer, maximizing your return on investment.

Indications for use

Stratasys TrueDent™ is a light-curable resin indicated for the fabrication of dental appliances including removable full and partial dentures, denture bases, denture teeth, bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in dental laboratories. The material is an alternative to traditional heat-curable and auto polymerizing resins.

Stratasys TrueDent™ is intended exclusively for professional dental work. Fabrication of dental appliances with Stratasys TrueDent™ requires a computeraided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system that includes the following components: digital dental files based on a digital impression, a Stratasys PolyJet 3D printer, and curing light equipment.

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