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Objet260 Dental 3D Printer

The Objet260 Dental™ 3D Printer offers affordable versatility with its triple-jetting PolyJet™ technology. It streamlines your digital workflow by virtually eliminating material changeover by printing in your three most-used materials at the same time. This allows you to produce patient-specific models and surgical guides, in up to three different acrylic resins, in a single job.

Use the Objet260 Dental to expand your lab business with additional revenue streams. Get high-capacity printing, fast production and fine resolution for orthodontic models, implant models with gingival masks, crown and bridge models, surgical guides, castable partial denture frameworks, and try-ins for veneers and dentures.

Stratasys 3D Printers feature a supporting gel which is automatically printed around each model to ensure repeatable accuracy of each print. The Objet260 Dental has several options for removing support material which are fast, economical and hands-free.

Produce all of the most common models and appliances easily, reliably, safely and accurately, right in your lab.

No need to plan your production schedule or material changeovers; everyone in the lab can print what they need, when they need it.


Increase productivity and capacity

Dramatically cut production time by building diverse models on one tray and loading multiple materials at once.

Support a wide range of common output requirements from basic appliances and models to surgical guides and implantology models to crown & bridge to cast partials.

Increase unattended run time with minimal material changeovers.

Ease of use

No digital design knowledge required to print; anyone can operate.

The Objet260 Dental runs a clean, quiet process.

Environmentally safe dental materials

Build models with easy-to-handle material cartridges that pose no biohazard safety concerns for the operator.


Individually sealed cartridges with specific lot numbers provide peace of mind and quality standards that your business can count on.

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