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Universal Investment

Repli-Cast Universal Phosphate Investment for Metals or Pressing

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Repli-Cast™ is a high-quality, all-purpose casting and pressing investment that works well with both standard and rapid burnout and is equally suited to today's high paladium and silver alloys along with gold and non-precious. You have more command with Repli-CastTM due to the wider range of expansion control. Repli-Cast™ has a very fluid consistency, which allows for a very smooth, pressed surface requiring less finishing and higher production.

22ml/100g • 6-8 minute working time • setting expansion 1.6% thermal expansion 0.65%
• 1,350 psi (9.2 MPa)

Download Repli-Cast™ Fact Sheet and Repli-Cast™ - Repli-Pour™ SDS.

View Repli-Cast™ Tech Tips.

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