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Enigma™ Denture Teeth

Enigma Denture Teeth Anterior Set

Enigma Denture Teeth

The importance of dentures to the wearer and the goal of prosthodontic privacy—when only you and the patient know they're wearing dentures—lie at the heart of the Enigma philosophy.

From this philosophy comes the Enigma system, which was created after more than five years research and development. At the center of the Enigma system is a range of denture teeth, exploiting advanced computer technology to achieve precise control of multiple color- component layers and completely uniform polymerization. Also included are a highly impact resistant acrylic base material and a range of color tone acrylics which replicate the natural gingival appearance. As well as the Alma Gauge which improves communication of accurate measurements between dentists and technicians, the resultant dentures look exceptionally natural and possess outstanding strength and durability with increased comfort and functionality.

Within the enigma tooth range there are 7 square 'S' molds, 5 oval 'O' molds, and 15 triangular moulds. The latter are divided into two sub ranges with 7 molds in the 'K' range having laterals with greater height to width ratios than in the 8 molds of the 'D' range. The complex color blending of the anteriors is carried through to the posteriors so that their cusps mimic those of natural teeth. The darker neck color adds to the predominant feeling that a superior tooth is being used. Enigma posteriors have high strength, high resistance to wear, and the same bond strength to the denture base as the anteriors.

Download Enigma™ Tech Tips and Enigma™ Mold Charts.

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