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ETI Empire Direct has been providing quality dental products and services for over 30 years and has become one of the largest producers of high quality dental gypsum in the Western United States. Our background and experience has been in the Research and Development of modern up-to-date products. That being our goal, we have added Dental Wings to our selection of products. Dental Wings outsells other Scanner and CAD software in Europe and has perfected the features that laboratories need most.

Our gypsum products meet or exceed A.D.A. requirements for dental stones and plasters. We use only the finest raw materials available and batch control to assure consistency.

ETI Empire Direct's markets include many Pacific Rim countries as well as Canada and Mexico. Our company was founded on the premise of providing not only quality products but also outstanding service. Our customers know us for personalized service and trust that our products will help them achieve the exceptional standards they have set for patient care.

From us to you: Quality products. Friendly service. Competitive pricing. All direct.
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