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Exocad Dental CAD Software

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Powered by passion, executed in excellence

Flexible, fast, full-featured Powerful CAD solution for dental labs

exocad DentalCAD is the leading OEM-branded dental CAD software: great for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert. Our CAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust even for solving complex cases on a daily basis. The speed and flexibility of exocad’s DentalCAD was achieved by harnessing the latest research results on organic modeling. For many years, our team of engineers has consistently delivered innovations to a rapidly evolving market.

Discover DentalCAD – our globally renowned software solution for outstanding dental restoration designs.

Integrate, create, manufacture Advance your dental lab and facilitate your workflows with DentalCAD – exocad’s powerful software solution specifically designed for technicians. Enjoy full flexibility, extensive features and intuitive functions alongside maximum reliability when working with DentalCAD. We at exocad know that restorative dentistry is an art. That is why we provide you with all the tools you need while guaranteeing you freedom of choice. Working with DentalCAD is hassle-free and easy to master. From quick volume production to the most complex, customized solutions – everything is possible with DentalCAD.

Versatile – broad scope of indications Design customized, beautiful and functional dental restorations: crowns, bridges, copings, veneers, inlays, onlays, pontics, provisionals, removables, and dental appliances all with DentalCAD.

Robust – speedy operation even with complex cases Enjoy the highest productivity with DentalCAD. Our powerful software platform operates reliably and
speedily processes high data volumes.

Consistent and logical – rich user experience Our DentalCAD software fully adapts to your needs and workflows. Continuous extensive testing and proven solutions guarantee maximum ease of use and performance.

Freedom of choice – seamless integration with 3rd party production equipment Maximize your return on hardware investments. Thanks to the open software architecture, you can use almost any scanner, 3D printer or milling machine. In DentalCAD’s open library, you can access a broad range of materials from leading manufacturers or utilize generic blanks.


User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode exocad’s proven wizard-based workflow guides you through every step of your dental restoration design and production process. In DentalCAD’s expert mode, you can adjust your settings individually and while accessing extensive supplementary features and tools.

Comprehensive – bring together multiple data sources Combine virtually any open data sources relevant to your case: Intraoral and model scans, 3D face scans, jaw motion data, DICOM files and patient photos.


Freedom of choice for dental experts

With DentalCAD, the choice is yours: Easily and seamlessly integrate our powerful dental CAD software solution with all exocad products and modules in one seamless digital workflow. Exceptional usability, performance and flexibility are guaranteed. Thanks to its open and vendor-neutral software architecture, you can use DentalCAD with your existing equipment, such as any open scanner, 3D printer or milling machine. With DentalCAD, you control the desired workflows. Expand your portfolio with our wide range of add-on modules and improve collaboration with clients and service providers alike – for reliable results that are cost- and time-efficient.

A broad range of indications and functions included in core version DentalCAD’s core version supports you in designing various esthetic and functional dental restorations and dental appliances based on individual anatomies and requirements. Its intuitive user interface, extensive functions and open tooth and material libraries guarantee outstanding results.

Anatomic crowns

Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort. Multiple high-quality tooth libraries included.

Anatomic/simple copings

Inspired by the full anatomy, you can take advantage of cutback options to create optimal copings.


Attachment shapes from an extensive library can be added to or removed from your design.


Beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations can be designed rapidly and easily.


Achieve highly esthetic results with just a few mouse clicks. Several beautiful tooth libraries are included.


Waxups made by hand can be scanned, edited and copy-milled. It is also possible to create waxups digitally.


Design full-contour bridges and frameworks including inlay, cantilever, and Maryland bridges.

Telescopic crowns

exocad gives you maximum flexibility when designing telescopic crowns.

Extensive, versatile, integrated Enhanced options and services thanks to numerous add-on modules

Easily extend your service offerings with one or more of exocad‘s add-on modules. All modules are fully integrated into DentalCAD – providing you with one smooth, stable and seamless workflow. Enjoy greater functionality according to your needs while remaining fully flexible and cost-efficient.

Implant Module

Design abutments and screw-retained bridges.


Bar Module

Advanced bar design for both standard and complex bars.

Model Creator

Create physical models from digital impression scans.

Bite Splint Module

Design night guards, bite splints and simple appliances.

Provisional Module

Create eggshell temporaries based on pre-op scans.

Partial CAD

Design removable partial denture frameworks.

Full Denture Module

Digital design of full dentures.

TruSmile Module

Realistic rendering of dental restorations.

Jaw Motion Import

Import jaw measurement from devices.

Virtual Articulator

Simulate jaw movement and analyze dynamic occlusion.


DICOM Viewer

Visualize voxel CT data during the design process.

Next generation smile design: the best of 2D and 3D.

Tooth Library

Extensive library of beautiful natural teeth.

Add-on Module: Implant Module

Design implant based restorations.

With the Implant Module for DentalCAD, you can directly design screw-retained crowns and bridges as well as custom abutments. Even designing abutment and suprastructures in one single CAD session is possible. Angulated screw channels are supported as well. With Implant Module, the choice is yours! Either mill in-house or send out your files for production. The add-on module supports a wide range of in-house milling systems. In addition, leading production centers will accept files generated by exocad software.

Flexible design options for various types of implant-based restorations

Quick and easy to use

With exocad’s Implant Module, the design of custom abutments is easy and straightforward. The design of screw-retained bridges, crowns and copings also becomes an easy task.

A huge selection of implant libraries
exocad’s Implant Module is delivered with an extensive set of implant libraries and supports a huge selection of implant systems – from top-tier implant manufacturers to smaller local players. There is an even wider range  of titanium bases from third-party manufacturers to choose from. In addition, many milling centers provide dedicated libraries for exocad’s Implant Module.

Add-on Module: Bar Module
Advanced bar design

exocad’s Bar Module allows both fast and easy realization of standard dental bars as well as advanced complex bar designs. The bar is designed considering the shape and position of full anatomical restorations. Attachments or retentions can be added to the design; cylindrical holes or even arbitrary geometries can be cut out to bolt or glue pre-fabricated attachments onto the bar. An extensive library of pre-defined editable bar profiles allows you to efficiently meet your customers expectations.

Thanks to its elaborate range of options, exocad’s Bar Module allows you to design dental bars that solve complex clinical situations gracefully while providing maximum comfort for patients.

Secondary structure
with retentions

Extreme accuracy
Producing bars with optimal fitting requires an ultra-precise scanning system. Our software features workflow integration with high-precision measurement devices, including tactile scanners, to ensure high process reliability. Thanks to our collaboration with leading CAM vendors, precision and process reliability is also assured on the production side. Your freedom of choice:

Add-on Module: Model Creator
Create physical models from digital impression scans

exocad’s Model Creator module helps you create physical models from intra-oral scan data or impression scans. Both the design of models with detachable segments (using premanufactured bases) and the design of monolithic models (where the prepared die is either removable or a separate check die) are supported. Combined with our Implant Module, Model Creator enables you to create models with lab analogues and removable gingiva masks.

One add-on module – many possibilities

Model with detachable segments

Different model/die styles available

Create models with implant analogs

Full arch, upper and lower models

Labeling your models

Hollow models allow extremely cost-efficient printing

Add-on Module: Bite Splint Module
Design night guards

With exocad’s BiteSplint Module, you can design high-quality therapeutic night guards quickly in just a few steps.
Thanks to its easy-to-use customization tools and its intuitive workflow that guides you through the design process, producing bite splints is efficient and profitable.

The add-on module‘s extensive functionality allows you to virtually adjust the occlusion and remove undesirable interferences. You can also smooth and morph the surface of your night guards individually or select the option for automatic flattening of the posterior occlusal surface. Heighten patient
satisfaction and brand identification of your design by adding your logo and text. We recommend using a combination of both Bite Splint Module and Virtual Articulator for optimal results.

Produce directly
Provide same-day dental solutions for your patients by using exocad‘s open architecture – fabricate custom-designed therapeutic night guards directly on any compatible, open milling machine or 3D printer.

Add-on Module: Provisional Module
Create eggshell temporaries from pre-op scans

Produce directly
Provide same-day dental solutions for your patients by using exocad‘s open architecture – fabricate custom-designed therapeutic night guards directly on any compatible, open milling machine or 3D printer.

Produce temporary crowns and bridges using the eggshell technique prior to your patient’s visit.

exocad‘s Provisional Module enables you to create temporaries based on the patient‘s pre-operative anatomy. Alternatively you can create the provisional crown or bridge by using the tooth library. Then make fine adjustments using an extensive suite of freeforming tools. New tooth morphologies can be clinically evaluated within the module, thereby helping you reduce chair time.

Add-on Module: PartialCAD
Design removable partial denture frameworks

With the partial framework module PartialCAD, exocad provides you with a digital solution for designing high-quality removable partial denture frameworks.

Apply advanced design and customization features for meshes, major connectors, clasps, lingual aprons and finish lines. Enjoy the highest design flexibility offered by PartialCAD’s extensive features and functionality for l-bar retainers, post design with retention and auto-relief for optimal fit. With this module, you can combine partial frameworks with crown and bridge design elements and create support bars for printing. In addition, partial framework customizations with logos and text are possible.

Outstanding Design Flexibility
Our goal: everything that can be made in wax can also be designed using our software. As a consequence, PartialCAD provides unparalleled design freedom that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding experts in partial design.

Add-on Module: FullDenture Module Digital design of full dentures

Our FullDenture Module provides a guided workflow for designing highly esthetic full dentures. Model analysis can be performed digitally. The results will drive an automatic full-arch tooth setup suggestion.

FullDenture Module supports different type of production processes, including two-step-milling, printed denture bases and monolithic printed dentures (e.g. for try-ins). Take maximum advantage of the digital revolution in denture production!

Add-on Module: TruSmile Module
Realistic rendering of dental restorations

exocad’s TruSmile Module provides near photorealistic rendering of dental restorations – in real-time during the design process. In addition to providing a “What You See Is What You Get” user experience, TruSmile is also a powerful marketing tool for you and your customers, e.g. to help convince a patient to opt for a ceramic restoration instead of a metal crown.

Natural coloring
Choose from single-tooth standard color presets and adjust them for a realistic result preview.

Add-on Module: Virtual Articulator
Simulate jaw movement and consider dynamic occlusion

exocad’s Virtual Articulator allows you to consider dynamic occlusion when designing any restoration with occlusion. The positioning of stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software – with the aid of a scanner that supports virtual articulation as well – to achieve perfect patient-specific results. Parameters such as condylar angle, bennet angle and immediate side shift can be adjusted as in a physical articulator. To import jaw motion data from 3rd party measurement devices, the Virtual Articulator module can be combined with the Jaw Motion Import module.

Wide-ranging models
Different articulator types available with automatic occlusion adjustment.

Add-on Module: Jaw Motion Import
Import jaw measurements from devices

The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from external devices such as the JMA system from Zebris. The add-on module works in combination with the Virtual Articulator module. For experts: combine with Model Creator to create innovative, semi-dynamic physical models.

Realistic representation
Transfer patient‘s actual, dynamic jaw movements into the software. Simulate them during the design process and create custom-fit restorations.

Add-on Module: DICOM Viewer
Visualize voxel CT data during the design process

exocad’s DentalCAD platform includes an optional DICOM Viewer* that allows you to visualize voxel data from CT machines during the design of dental restorations.

Get enthused about the high-speed processing of large CBCT files. Driven by optimized data handling algorithms and snappy graphics rendering, the DICOM Viewer provides market-leading DICOM loading and visualization speeds.

*Note: DICOM Viewer is not for diagnostic/medical purposes.

Add-on Module: Smile Creator In-CAD Smile Design

Create added value with Smile Creator – exocad’s innovative In-CAD smile design solution for predictable esthetic smile makeovers. Integrated into the DentalCAD platform, Smile Creator empowers you to reliably create prosthetically feasible esthetic designs thanks to our innovative 2D/3D technology. By combining patient photos, outlines and 3D situations, esthetic relationships between teeth, smile and face can be evaluated. Patient photos are automatically converted to 3D objects, which are then matched to the 3D scans of the teeth. This offers dentists and dental technicians a realistic perspective for a restorative treatment plan. In addition to greater control over the outcome, this improves communication between dental labs, dentists and patients. Thanks to its guided workflows and extensive features, Smile Creator is an intuitive, yet powerful digital planning solution for cosmetic dentistry.

Perfect foundation for prosthetic execution
With Smile Creator, you will obtain a real 3D tooth setup as the perfect foundation for later prosthetic implementation with DentalCAD as well as implant planning with exoplan. Digital waxup models can be realized with exocad’s Model Creator.

Add-on Module: Tooth Library
Extensive library of beautiful natural teeth

exocad DentalCAD can be enhanced with tooth libraries. For those who prefer an even wider choice, exocad’s add-on module Tooth Library provides an additional extensive library of beautiful natural teeth including 61 sets of upper-arch anterior teeth, 19 sets of lower-jaw anterior teeth, 19 sets of upper-arch posteriors and 19 sets of lower-jaw posteriors. The add-on module is the perfect esthetic base for your restorative designs with its vast tooth libraries. You can easily and individually make adjustments to all predefined teeth for maximum flexibility. All library teeth are fully anatomical and reproduced according to natural morphologies for optimum results.

Comprehensive contents
The ZRS library includes tooth shapes based on the “Anteriores” collection by Dr. Jan Hajtó. To assist technicians in using the library, a full-color book, poster, and models for each set of teeth are available from 3rd parties.

State-of-the-art CAM technology

Perfect integration, outstanding results – exocam makes milling easier than ever before. With exocam, even novice users can take advantage of state-of-the-art CAM technology – seamlessly integrated into our CAD software products. exocam provides you with everything you need for a smooth workflow for the day-to-day operation of a dental lab.

Simplify your 3D printing with exoprint – for greater convenience and usability. exocad DentalCAD allows a seamless workflow with 3D printers. Our new exoprint tool provides a smooth transition from DentalCAD to 3D printers. The implementation of the interface between DentalCAD and your printing software requires minimal effort. The new exoprint tool provides a seamless workflow with 3D printers. Designs and associated information can be passed directly from DentalCAD to 3D printing software, using an open xml-based interface. Discover exoprint – the smartest way for your 3D printable file transfer.

State-of-the-art CAM technology

The easiest way from CAD to 3D printing

exocam features
check Design nested within material
check Production queue management
check Material block management
check Automated toolpath creation
check Visualization of toolpaths and
milling simulation

Not yet using exocam?

Keep in mind that our open, XML- based exchange formats allow exocad

DentalCAD to be easily integrated with other CAM products. Visit our website for further information: Milling setup made simple with exocam’s easy-to-use interface

exocam supports production using premill/preform abutment libraries

Different preform holders are supported

Multi-layered blank support Multi-layer blanks can be visualized realistically during CAD design, thanks to our TruSmile Technology

Fast, secure, and easy data transfer – free of charge

It’s more than just “upload to lab” – we aim to cover the full spectrum of multi directional digital data transfer between clinicians, dental technicians, and
production centers. dentalshare enables distributed workflows and efficient online collaboration. We use next-generation compression technology combined with a robust transfer protocol so that even big datasets travel through unstable mobile network connections and restrictive firewalls with ease. For instance, designs can be exchanged, modified, and reviewed prior to production. All transfers utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology and are fully verified once received. For maximum reliability and fast network throughput, exocad operates its own redundant, distributed server infrastructure with multiple gigabit internet connections and server locations around the world.

No per-transfer fees*, no commission

With dentalshare, we won’t gnaw away at your profit margin – there’s no per-transfer fee. Transparency and privacy As a dentalshare user, you’re in complete control of what data is being sent and when. dentalshare allows you to select and send only the information you actually want to share. Hardware independent dentalshare is integrated with the widest range of CAD/CAM hardware and software on the market. Regardless of the specific products used by your partners, you can be confident that with dentalshare you can connect reliably.

exocad webview
Make your exocad designs available on all devices

The new way of sharing interactive 3D previews of your exocad CAD designs
You want to share your exocad DentalCAD design with ease? With just a few clicks, you can generate a secure link to a true 3D preview of your design, that you can share with anyone online. This link can be opened with both desktop and mobile browsers to experience an interactive, true 3D preview of your CAD design.

Free tools and samples
Learn more about our free exocad webview app for mobile devices. It’s a fast and convenient multiplatform 3D viewer that allows you to visualize common 3D formats “on the go”. Of course, it can also show CAD scenes from preview links generated with dentalshare. Visit to directly use it, or experience interactive demos at

In a nutshell
Why experts trust our digital dentistry solutions

Faster workflows, improved proficiency Save time by working with high-performance software that runs robustly, even when dealing with large and complex cases. Quick response times and optimal usability help speed up your daily work.

Reliability you can trust
You can rely on us to create software that you will continue to appreciate and profit from. Our product has proven its stability time and time again, because we always pay the greatest attention to quality and detail. Our reliable upgrades provide new possibilities that are always driven by your needs.

It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations Your complex procedures can become more simple and efficient, thanks to our experience in working closely with dental professionals like yourself, creating more accessible dental software for the digital age.

Independent & innovative
Our software puts you at the forefront of innovation. Since our foundation, our dedicated team of engineers and researchers has consistently developed state-of-the-art innovations for the dental industry. As an independent and hardware-neutral technology provider, our goal is to push the limits of digital
dentistry through software solutions.

Flexibility as you require it
Experience maximum flexibility and freedom through exocad’s modular and open approach. It’s not just the software that is flexible, the business model is too. You can mix and match modules – it’s all your choice.

Truly future-proof
We’re the dental CAD/CAM software provider with the widest choice of integrated solutions using third-party scanners, mills, printers, and materials. And we are always open to new ideas, ready to support today’s and tomorrow’s best solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Our solid foundation – dental CAD software from exocad
exocad was founded under the principle of being truly open and connected. As the worldwide leading OEM manufacturer for dental CAD software, our core competence is to establish interoperability standards. Manufacturers can thus integrate their databases, products, libraries and services. These integrations allow companies to focus on their core business while we continue to expand the depth of supported indications.

exocad and DentalCAD
Your benefits at a glance

Create exceptional dental solutions for almost any
DentalCAD supports you in designing various esthetic and functional dental restorations and appliances based on individual anatomies and requirements Stay ahead of your competitors DentalCAD is developed based on latest research results and market insights and is continuously innovated by our team of engineers

Minimize training costs
DentalCAD is easy to learn and guides you step-by-step through the process

Maximize your return on investments
DentalCAD enables you to integrate hardware and materials of your choice

Access extensive features and functionalities
DentalCAD allows you to individually adjust each setting and offers you a broad range of supplementary tools in the expert mode

Enjoy exceptional flexibility
DentalCAD enables you to control every step according to your requirements and fully adapts to your workflows, equipment and services

Profit from an unlimited number of cases
DentalCAD has no hidden costs or click fees

Enjoy freedom of choice
DentalCAD supports file formats for open scanners, 3D printers, and milling machines so you can work with your existing equipment

Collaborate effortlessly with your partners
DentalCAD facilitates your communication with clients and service providers for predictable outcomes.

Experience hassle-free and speedy operations
DentalCAD is ultrafast in processing even high data volumes, thereby guaranteing you maximum ease of use and performance

Integrate workflows seamlessly
DentalCAD interoperates with all exocad products and add-on modules

Expand your service offerings
DentalCAD can be upgraded with various add-on modules according to your needs

Benefit from our proven software platform
exocad software has been established in labs for 10 years

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