Dental Products & Supplies - Dental Gypsum, Die Stone & Orthodontic Plaster

Dental Stones

Laboratory Stone

dental stone laboratory stone

A fine powdered stone, ideal for all around laboratory use as well as base/study model stone. Excellent working time, low expansion and smoothness assures accurate reproductions. Available in yellow, white or blue.

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High Strength Dental Stone

high strength dental stone

A strong, high strength dental stone. Ideal for study casts, opposing models, bases for working models as well as processing dentures. Extremely smooth for detailed reproduction of impressions and low expansion. Available in Yellow, White and Blue.

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Die Stones

Pink Die Stone

pink die stone

Recommended for crown and bridge models and dies. Low expansion provides accuracy. Blended to give a tough, hard material. Also available in white.

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Green Die Stone

green die stone

Extremely hard, accurate die material. Recommended for crown and bridge models and dies. One of the original more popular colors, this material has a consistency which allows bowl mixing or spatula mixing on a glass slab. Very smooth.

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Colorburst® Blue Die Stone

colorburst blue die stone

This is the original vivid blue die stone. Easy to see margins and easy on the eyes. Very hard and accurate. Marble mix indicator shows when a homogenous mix has been made and material is ready to pour.

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Colorburst® Green Die Stone

colorburst green die stone

A vivid green die stone using the registered ETI Colorburst® System. A very smooth and accurate die stone. The powder appears white but bursts with color when mixed with water. Mix until homogeneous and pour.

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Prep-Stone™ Ivory

prep-stone ivory

A hard and accurate crown and bridge die stone ideally suited for the many all-ceramic and composite systems currently being used. This unique color allows you to see detail within the model and more closely resembles a range of prep shades.

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Greystone XH™ & Colorburst® Blue XH

greystone xh

Two super hard die stones in neutral grey and Colorburst® Blue. XH die stones have built-in debubblizers so no special washes or sprays are necessary. Rinse impressions, shake out excess water and pour.

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Tan Die Stone

tan die stone

An extra hard, smooth, thixotropic die stone. This low expanding die stone is firm, not runny, and will flow beautifully into every detail of a mold. Competes with tan imports. The stone has a good neutral color.

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Resinous Die Stone

resinous die stone

This is a special blend of our best die stone materials combined with soluble resins. The resulting product provides a creamy mix that flows accurately into every groove and fossa producing a very tough, smooth die. This stone is tough, not brittle, which helps reduce chipping when trimming dies. An excellent new die stone. Available in ivory , white and blue – ISO Type 4; salmon and green (shown) – ISO Type 5.

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Specialty Stones

Ivory Resin XH™

eti empire direct ivory resin xh

This X-tra Hard ivory colored resin stone was introduced as the “Ultimate Die Stone”. It combines the tough/smooth properties of our Resin Stones with the surface hardness of the strongest die materials available, without becoming brittle. This premium stone allows minimum expansion for extremely accurate dies. Excellent for precision implant cases and smaller preps, this “all purpose” die stone works well with any impression material–all without the need for hardeners or debubblizers! Also available in blue and tan.

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Fluid Base Stone

fluid base stone

This extremely dense base stone pours easily from the mixing bowl into any base former without the need for vibration. Ideally suited for full arch base formers, Fluid Base Stone has built in debubblizers and defoamers to pour virtually bubble free. Available in buff, white or blue.

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Optic™ Scanning Stone

optic scan stone

With exceptional surface density, Optic™ enhances the quality of white light or laser scanning without the need for disclosure powders or sprays. A hard and very accurate (Type IV) imaging die stone suitable for any crown and bridge application or implant case. Available in Ivory, Grey and Tan.

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Orthodontic Plaster

orthodontic plaster

For orthodontic study models and general laboratory uses. Super white and very smooth. Polishes beautifully and is harder and tougher than regular lab plaster.

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Orthodontic Blend

This product is a blend of the best qualities of Ortho-Plaster and Ortho-Stone. It has excellent properties for all orthodontic model requirements.

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Orthodontic Super Stone

A harder and whiter orthodontic stone. Ideal for study models and diagnostic wax-ups.

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Laboratory Plaster - Slow Set

dental stone laboratory stone

Formulated for general laboratory use, including models, articulating and flasking. Slow set (8-10 minutes) allows for more working time.

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Laboratory Plaster - Regular Set

Formulated for general laboratory use, including models, articulating and flasking. A very fine white powder. Low expansion. 6-8 minute set time.

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Laboratory Plaster - Fast Set

Same as regular with faster set time of 3-4 minutes.

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Mounting Plaster

One and a half minute initial set at a consistency of 50cc to 100 gr. Low setting expansion provides more accurate results. A smooth and creamy mix, excellent for bite registration and mounting.

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