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dental abrasive acrylux

A new and faster abrasive. Works 2-5 times faster than current dental abrasives and requires less pressure when polishing. Smaller particle size produces a smoother finished surface and assists in improving the “high shine” operation. Improves productivity and efficiency in the polishing process. AcryLux 150 is engineered to replace coarse abrasives. AcryLux 1000 is designed to replace medium and fine pumice. Contains NO crystalline silica. Recommended for polishing Valplast.


Available in flour, fine, medium and coarse. A very clean, long-lasting pumice for general laboratory use. Will not sour under normal lab conditions. Stacks and holds on work being processed, not weak and runny. Mix 50-50 or one scoop medium and one scoop coarse to obtain a good intermediate pumice for polishing.

Aluminum Oxide

50 or 110 micron. White, washed and triple-magged (run over magnets to remove the finest iron particles). This aluminum oxide is prepared especially for dental use. 30-pound box.

Glass Beads

50 micron. Clean and hard. Screened for consistency. Excellent performance in all types of blasting equipment. 25-pound box.

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